a little



It’s great to meet you.

I’d much rather we got to know each other over a cup of coffee (I make a pretty decent flat white. . .) but until that happens let me tell you a little about me. . .

First up: family. I am married to Rebecca and we have been blessed with 4 amazing children. Do we have as much free time as we would like? No we do not! But they’re worth it.

We are also blessed with some very accomodating granparents who let us get a few nights away every now and then. Quick trips to NYC and Sirmione on Lake Garda have been highlights, and hopefully repeated sometime soon!

I like to think I have an impeccable taste in music (although my Spotify history suggests I listen to more than my fair share of Taylor Swift. . .) and used to front my own band. Despite the long hair, I’ve left my (wannabe) rock star days far behind.

My love for photography started when my best friend bought me an old film camera for Christmas one year. I used to love experimenting with different types of film and processing it in different ways. Now that I’m doing it for a living as a wedding photographer in Glasgow I’m still experimenting, and still loving it!


favourite things

  • Coffee – black, strong and preferably with a cinnamon bun sitting next to it
  • This American Life – the king of podcasts
  • BBQ – you can find me at my Big Green Egg all year round
  • Church – I’m involved in leading worship at my local church
  • A good book – Studying English Lit didn’t completely destroy my love of reading